Seeking Candidates

Seeking Candidates

      Prairie Energy Cooperative is a member-owned electric cooperative governed by a board of directors. As a member, one of your most important roles is to participate in the election of directors. You can become involved in your cooperative by serving on the board of directors.

     Two positions on Prairie Energy Cooperative’s seven-member Board of Directors will be open for election at the June 3, 2020 annual meeting. The three-year terms of Jim Wellik, District 2 and Marion Denger, District 5 will expire. Marion has indicated his willingness to serve another term, while Jim Wellik will not be seeking re-election. 

District 2 Townships: Buffalo, Bingham, Wesley, Orthel, Britt, Garfield, Prairie, Boone, Erin and Liberty 

District 5 Townships: Iowa, Scott, Lincoln, Blaine, Morgan, Wall Lake, Vernon, Oakland, Blairsburg, Williams and Alden

If you are a member in either District 2 or District 5 and are interested in serving on the board of directors, please contact the office. 


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