Safety and Education

Safety and Education

Safety & Education

Because we care about the safety of you and your family, Prairie Energy Cooperative is active in educating about and promoting electrical safety.

We offer educational programs:
Prairie Energy Cooperative is active in the promotion of electrical safety and education. Cooperative employees participate in Farm Safety Day and county fairs demonstrating high voltage and safety awareness.

Our employees visit schools in the area and would be happy to volunteer at your school or for your organization to demonstrate to your children the importance of electrical safety. To schedule a demonstration for your school or organization, please contact Member Services by calling 515-532-2805, or e-mail

Other safety assistance from Prairie Energy Cooperative:

  • Grain bin clearance -Contact Steve Jackson , Operations Coordinator if you are planning on moving or constructing a grain bin. The State of Iowa requires specific clearances for electric lines around grain bins. This assures your safety and the safety of others.  Also, remember to look up when moving farm equipment.
  • Iowa One Call -Iowa One Call. If you are planning to do any building or landscaping, you will need to call Iowa One Call at least 48 hours prior to any digging. This allows your local utilities to mark any underground wires, etc. This is for your safety and will help to eliminate interruption of service. The number is toll-free: 811 or visit Iowa One Call.