Community Solar

Community Solar

Community Solar

Our solar array is a 139.44 kilowatt (kW) array located on Highway 69 next to the Willemssen substation near Galt.  One Source Solar of Ankeny, designed, engineered and constructed the 484 430-watt modules.

Subscriptions available now!

As a community solar project, co-op members have the opportunity to purchase subscriptions for the energy output. In return for their investments, member will receive monthly bill credits for their share of the energy produced.  Subscription costs will be $518.37 per module and are on a first-come, first-served basis.  The number of subscriptions are limited, so please return the form below if you wish to be contacted.  Contracts are for 18 years and all contracts will expire at the same time.  Per subscription, the array is expected to produce 430 kWh annually or 7,740 kWh over the 18 years.

Benefits of community solar:

  • Support the use of renewable energy programs
  • Enjoy the benefits of solar without having it installed on your property
  • Purchase subscriptions to match your usage
  • Lock in monthly credits for the 18-year contract life
  • No maintenance or repair responsibilities
  • No additional insurance costs
  • See real time energy production online
  • Production credits appear on your monthly bill

Community Solar Agreement

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